"Unbelievably meaty texture"
28g of protein per patty


The burgers pack a protein punch to compete with any alternatives. It's not just an eco-friendly, tasty option, they include, per 1/4lb (113g) burger:

28g protein, 236 calories, Zero cholesterol and only 12g fat



Taste and flavour
to shout about!

Our latest burger is our most tasty, most nutritious and all around best burger we have created.

Perfect for
the BBQ

A ready to eat product it just needs warming through - either shallow fry, grill or throw it on the BBQ.

It’s wheat,
not meat

Our burgers don't only compete with meat on taste and texture, they have a far lower impact on the environment.

We're here to change the way people enjoy burgers and show people that the most delicious and satisfying burgers are plant-based





We've put the time and love into what we do and strongly believe that people will enjoy and benefit from our plant-based foods as much as we do.




Our Mission





We don't shout about our products being ethical, but all our products are plant-based and behind the scenes everything we do is sustainable, healthier and better for the environment. 


We'd love to hear
from you

Whether it’s simply asking us to get you on our mailing list, letting us know about useful innovations in sustainable food packaging or anything in between, please get in touch.

Contact us at hello@alloutfoods.com.