The Burger

  What goes into our All Out Burger?

They are actually made from...wheat


The clever bit - everything but the protein has been stripped out to make a super-powered flour, that is all protein and very little starch; vital wheat gluten.


This is turned into dough and cooked to from Seitan - referred to as ‘Wheat Meat’ or ‘Wheat Protein’. Seitan surprisingly resembles the texture of meat, making it perfect for making our burgers!



Our burgers are 100% Plant-Based

All Out Burgers are not only flipping delicious, they are also made from plants.

Packed with 28g protein

The burgers pack a protein punch to compete with any alternative options.

Now you can join the movement

People are shifting to a more plant-based diet. Do so without compromising on taste.

Crafting that great burger taste




Seitan itself is more about the texture than the taste - its own mild flavour lends itself perfectly to be flavoured in a variety of ways. The ingredients we’ve added and the spices we’ve chosen help to bring out a deep, savoury, flavour in our burgers with just a hint of smoke.



Easier to cook than a meat burger

A ready to eat product, the burgers just need warming through. Either shallow fry or lightly brush with oil and toss on the BBQ - either way, they’ll only take a few minutes. They will not crumble, fall apart or turn to mush.

Don’t be tempted to overcook - they are not meat and don’t need it.

They can be frozen and cooked from frozen (they’ll just take a little longer). They can even be microwaved if you’re feeling really lazy!


The Stats

Our burgers are packed with enough protein to rival any alternative options.

It’s not just an eco-friendly, tasty option, they include per 1/4lb (113g) burger: 











Allergens in bold.

Vital wheat gluten, Water, Onion, Mushrooms, Rapeseed oil, Garlic, Tomato paste (tomatoes), Tamari (Soya beans, water, sea salt, mirin (sweet rice, water, cultured rice)), Cyder vinegar, Nutritional yeast, Smoked salt, Onion powder, Brown sugar, Red pepper flakes, Salt, Garlic Powder, herbs and spices.

Unfortunately we can't rule out contamination with the following allergens: mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk & eggs.

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